on today’s episode of me having feelings, a series of tweets about “anti-rape nail polish.”

thank god someone said this.  I was REALLY creeped out by that article.

next up on cnn: she wasn’t wearing the anti rape nail polish, so obviously she wanted it; what a whore.

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Title: Psycho Killer Artist: Talking Heads 401 plays

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Normalize fat women’s bodies. Normalize public breastfeeding. Normalize home births and midwives and reproductive autonomy. Normalize body hair on women.
Reject the notion that women are to be regulated and controlled and pressured to conform to societal standards.

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Grimes 8/9/14

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I deeply regret accepting this Family Video job. I really feel like it’s not for me. I’m so anxious about working Saturday that I can’t even think about it too hard.

A part of me wants to stick it out and try and see if I can pull through and gain something from the experience, but another part of me thinks I should just realize how far out of my depth I am and quit while I’m ahead because I am so not an aggressively confident person and I can tell my manager is already disappointed by my lack of initiative. It’s just really hard to showcase the communication/customer service skills I have when I don’t know how to do so many things essential to my job yet. I want to help people to the best of my ability but O don’t know the right keys to accomplish what I want in the POS, which makes me feel helpless.


I really wish I’d gotten the full-time circ position I applied for at the library but it went to someone with more experience. Going on six years if library experience and I still can’t get promoted beyond part-time.

I’m so poor and so in debt and so mired in self-hate for not having my shit more together by now.

Channeling Edie Sedgwick for Celebrity Day my senior year of high school. I still want that wig to be my real hair. #blondeshavemorefun #tbt

Bb’s first con. Bb’s first CATS costume. Bb’s first time meeting an internet friend IRL. #iwannabeuncoolagain #tbt


Happy little snail! <3

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